Monday, May 31, 2010

Overwhelmed By A Butterfly

Wonderful. Beautiful. Magnificent. Overwhelming. Loved it. To be told these words over and over again leaves no doubt that we knocked it out of the park with Madama Butterfly.

I thought it was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Very entertaining. Very beautiful to look at.

Fabulous. May be the best opera we have seen and we've seen many good operas in Vancouver.

I don't even know where to begin. The emotions that it has brought out in me is just overwhelming.

Absolutely loved it. I think it's a wonderful production.

The set was magnificent. I struggled with it at first because it was so non-traditional, but it totally won me over.

Really, really great interesting set. Modern, very colourful, very eye-popping. It makes thematic sense as well. Towards the end, you really got the idea of a woman absolutely and emotionally abandoned, lost on a little rock in the middle of an ocean. So it works very, very well for that.

I loved the costumes. I thought they were fantastic. The whole stage was beautiful.

The orchestra was really terrific.

Very original. Unbelievable. This was just a one-of-a-kind piece of art on the stage.

It was extremely well done visually. The music was impeccable.

It was wonderful. I had tears.

This is the opera of the season. It was the most beautiful production I've ever seen.

Press play to hear what everyone had to say. Or double-click the video to see it directly on VO's Youtube channel.

Video by Bombshelter Productions & Mike McKinlay

Get your tickets now! Only 5 performances left! (and next Saturday is already sold out!) Call 604.683.0222 to speak to our box office or order online!

See you down at the theatre!

~ Ling Chan

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