Friday, May 28, 2010

8 Reasons To Go To Vancouver Opera

We love it when we take someone's who never been to an opera before and convert them into an opera enthusiast, as well as a friend to the VO.

Ami Sanyal, one of bloggers from our very first Blogger Night at the Opera, posted a notice to all his Facebook friends on why they should go to the opera. We were so touched when we found out, that I have reposted it here with Ami's kind permission.

Cec and I have been going to the Vancouver Opera's productions since Jan 09. With Madama Butterfly coming up, we thought it would be a good time to share why!

How we Discovered the Vancouver Opera

Truth is, the Vancouver Opera came to us! In Jan 09 I was a contributor for a Vancouver blog called Beyond Robson. Ling Chan (VO's Social Media Manager) approached Beyond Robson inviting us to partake in their first
'Bloggers Night Out'. At the time, the opera conjured faint images of snooty elderly folk peering through bejeweled mini-binoculars...but the fact that VO was interested in social media scene intrigued me enough to accept Ling's invitation.

See more about the production on
my post on Beyond Robson.

The show was Carmen, and from production quality to staff dedication, Cecily and I were really, really impressed!

Photo credit: Tim Matheson

8 Reasons We Keep Going to the Opera

Ami's Reasons

1. Something different! Grabbing a drink and heading off to a VO production guarantees a unique night out

2. It's affordable! Tickets start at $23...which is cheaper than most concert tickets

3. Great stories. Most of these productions have wicked plot lines! (I'm not sure why this surprises me every time)

4. Foreign factor. When I walk down the street I like it when I hear other languages. Having them sung to you by an opera singer while an orchestra provides instrumentals is even better. (Read the screen for English translations)

Cecily's Reasons

1. Men in Tights. 'nuff said.

2. Dress up. Get some use out that dress that you wore to a wedding that one time (Note: dressing up is you can show up in jeans if you like)

3. Support the local arts scene. Figaro boasted an all-Canadian cast

4. The music! Awesomely talented vocals and amazing instrumentals from the pit (a great motivation to pick up my trumpet again).

We really like the Vancouver Opera's productions and staff members. Go check them out, you might like 'em too!

Awwwww. This makes our Friday! Thanks Ami and Cecily for the kind words and for supporting Vancouver Opera!

~ Ling Chan

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