Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doug's Ride to Conquer Cancer

Call him crazy but our Director of Marketing, Doug Tuck, will be participating in a two-day major cycling event called The Ride to Conquer Cancer this weekend. All proceeds raised will go to BC Cancer Foundation to support cancer research, treatment and services.

So not only does he work crazy long hours, manage a marketing staff of 6 and just celebrated his 60th birthday, but now he's getting on his bike to raise money. Doug is our hero.

Doug will be cycling from Vancouver to Seattle (that's 2 days of 160 km each) with thousands of other Riders. When he's not on his bike, he'll be sleeping in a tent. In a field.

It's going to be an adventure this weekend. I don't know which is more daunting: the idea of riding 320 km or the prospect of sleeping in a tent with a total stranger (if you ride alone they pair you up) in a field in Mt Vernon.

The entrance fee that each rider had to raise is $2,500. Doug had originally set his personal goal to $3600 but has since surpassed that. As of today, he has raised $5000 which was his revised goal. Click here for Doug's webpage.

We'll all be rooting for Doug on his ride this weekend. Go, Doug, Go!

UPDATE: He made it! Through wind, fog and rain, Doug made the trip from Vancouver to Seattle while raising over $5,000 to conquer cancer! Thanks to all of you for your support and congratulations Doug on a major achievement!

~ Ling Chan

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Butterfly Takes Flight

And we thought you didn't notice the SMART Pics photo booth at Madama Butterfly!

Beautiful opera people! You dressed up, you were cheeky, you were cute, you were funny and y'all looked like you had a blast closing out our last opera of the season!

Our Golden Anniversary season this year has been one for the books! You all came out in droves to help celebrate our 50th anniversary and for that, we'd like to thank you:

Thank you for coming to check out Norma, Nixon in China, The Marriage of Figaro and Madama Butterfly!

Thank you for subscribing to VO.

Thank you for your donations.

Thank you for all the awesome feedback we've received.

Thank you for telling everybody and their mailman about us.

Thank you for all the love and support.

We couldn't have done it without you!

And with that, a pictorial look back at unforgettable Butterfly...

See you all down at the theatre in October! Just wait to you see what we have planned for you next season!

~ Ling Chan

Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Be Famous For 15 Minutes

The last opera of the season! And what better way to remember being at the opera than with a photo booth picture?

The SMART Pics photo booth will be at Madama Butterfly's June 8 AND June 10 performances. Take a picture, "love it" or "try again", then email it to yourself as a souvenir.

The SMART Pics photo booth will be situated by the east end lobby staircase and bloggers table, just waiting for your smiles and poses.

And voila, a thank you from us for making our Golden Anniversary season such a success!

~ Ling Chan

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Draw Of Opera

So not only are opera fans and bloggers liking our operas, but now illustrators are digging on what we do.

On the night of dress rehearsal, artist Paul Zeke was invited to sketch the Madama Butterfly performance. Paul was set up just off the side of the stage with his easel, pencil crayons and charcoals, sketching by the light in the orchestra pit. He was quite the draw that night!

Here's a couple of sketches from his blog:

Portrait of James Valenti

Portrait of Maestro Darlington

At Thursday's performance, artist Val Nelson did one better. Val, seated with her husband Michael Cox (who created the awesome schematic of the story of Figaro), drew in the dark of the theatre, what was playing out onstage. She was so low-profile that people seated around her did not even notice.

Here are Val's sketches:

Act I

Act II

Can we just say WOW to theses 2 illustrators? Colour us impressed at yet another way to be inspired by opera.

Thank you Paul and Val for sharing!

~ Ling Chan

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Want My Tickets!

(Pagliacci) Sad face indeed!

Our apologies people, but our online ticketing website is down right now. (darn technology!)

But never fear, to get your Madama Butterfly tickets for tonight, please call the good folks at our ticketing department at 604.683.0222 and they'll make sure you get tickets to tonight's performance.

Alternatively, if you want to get 50% off regular price tickets, please go down to see our box office folks at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, located at 600 Hamilton Street. Half price tickets for tonight's performance will be on sale from noon - 4pm only.

~ Ling Chan

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Butterfly Fan Night

Everyone clap your hands! Butterfly Fan Night is this Thursday!

If you're coming to Madama Butterfly on Thursday June 3, come a little earlier to enjoy the pre-show talk with Assistant Stage Manager Theresa Tsang in the uber-exclusive VIP lounge.

We're going to treat you right for our last Fan Night of the season. We have coffee, tea and bite sized nibblies for you. Oh, and access to the VIP restroom. (no sharing with the people 'out there')

See you in the VIP lounge! 630pm sharp!

Twitter/Facebook Fan Night sponsored by The Georgia Straight:

~ Ling Chan