“I want to offer my highest recommendation to Ling Chan, until very recently Social Media Manager for Vancouver Opera. She’s a real winner in the not-for-profit social media world and has really moved Vancouver Opera a long way in this area – she’s a leader! I’m sure she’d do the same in the profit-making world as well. If you or someone you know needs a great social media manager and creative thinker, Ling is the one.”
~ James Wright, ICD.D, General Director, Vancouver Opera

“Ling is a talented, skilled and creative professional whom I would recommend highly to anyone.”
~ Doug Tuck, Director of Marketing & Community Programs, Vancouver Opera

“Ling is among the best social media managers in a very talented pool in Vancouver, and THE best in the arts industry. Her innovations like blogger night, operaninja, operabot, fashion night at the opera, and other customer engagement tools are being adopted across the industry.

Often sought as a speaker and guide, Ling's willingness to share, listen, and collaborate have established her as a thought leader in the nonprofit social media field.

If your company is ready to dominate the social media channels in your industry, Ling Chan is the person you want leading your team.”

~ Christopher Libby, Managing Director, Vancouver Opera

“I highly recommend Ling as an bright employee with an extraordinary positive attitude toward work. I am confident that she has the aptitude, experience and training to excel in whatever she decides to pursue. Her passion and extensive knowledge of the world of social media makes her an easy choice to hire in this area.”
~ Tom Wright, Director of Artistic Planning, Vancouver Opera

source: Linkedin