Monday, May 31, 2010

Madama Butterfly: Final Thoughts

From left: Gus Fosarolli, John Biehler, Stacey Robinsmith, Kelsey Dundon

A HUGE thank you to all our bloggers who have joined us this past year in celebrating our Golden Anniversary season! What a way to go out! Madama Butterfly made an impact on everybody at opening night, including our bloggers. It may well be the first Blogger Night at the Opera where our opera left our bloggers all misty-eyed.

But don't take our word for it...

What a way to end the season. Vancouver Opera’s take on Puccini’s classic Madama Butterfly is beautiful and brilliant, not to mention, brightly coloured. - Kelsey Dundon

Mihoko Kinoshita’s portrayal of Madama Butterfly was amazing. Singing some of the classics that I’ve heard before were sung with passion and the chemistry between her and James were amazing. You can see the love she has for the naval officer and though the first Act is filled with flirting between the two, you wonder what would happen if their relationship did work out in the end. - Gus Fosarolli

One final thing that still surprises me that happens during the final bows at the end of both Opera’s I’ve attended is the extended ovation that gradually builds as the performers come out. For Butterfly, it went on for a long time and it was cool to see the passion the audience had for these performers. It’s not often you see an older gentleman hoot and holler while wearing a tux. - John Biehler

I have seen Madama Butterfly before but this time…the tears were streaming down my face. The ending of this opera was made all the more poignant due to the fact that at home are our two precious little angels. I cannot imagine being forced to relinquish my sweet little ones…the agony I felt as I sat there watching a woman’s child being stolen away…unbelievable. If you have not yet bought your ticket to this opera, do so as soon as you can. So exquisite. - Stacey Robinsmith

Thank you bloggers for helping to make Blogger Night at the Opera such a success. We look forward to seeing you all at the opera next season!

~ Ling Chan

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