Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Ninja

Illustration credit: Jeremy Forson

There are many skills one needs in order to be an Opera Ninja:

* "Stealth" being their middle name. With great reflexes and sharp night vision, Opera Ninjas are able to move quickly and silently about the theatre.

* Must always be calm, focused and observant. They must keep an eye on what's happening onstage as well as, know what's going on in the very darkest corner of the room.

* Must know how to get out of a sticky situation quickly (vanishing bombs and firecrackers are sometimes used for distraction)

* Being an Opera Ninja means knowing how to debug and troubleshoot pesky technology

* And above all, Opera Ninjas must have a really cool ninja outfit

An Opera Ninja who is successful at gaining entry, gathering as much intel as possible and retreating undetected will, of course, be sent out on more assignments.

That is why Ninja Girl Kimli has been assigned to the Madama Butterfly dress rehearsal. She did such an awesome job live-tweeting The Marriage of Figaro, that she'll bring the stealth again for tomorrow night's Butterfly. Follow along on @OperaNinja for all the action.

We have no doubt she'll once again kill it.

~ Ling Chan

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