Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Putting Your Best Face Forward

When you're at The Marriage of Figaro this Saturday, you may notice a tall rectangular column situated in the lobby. The tall black device with the lightbox and touch screen may have you scratching your head, wondering what on earth it could possibly be? More importantly, why would you want to stand in front of it?

Why, to take a picture of course!

Vancouver Opera has partnered with Smart Pics to bring some photo booth fun to our opera-goers.

This photo booth will also email your picture to you, and you can then post it to your own Facebook, Flickr or blog. It's a great memento of being at the opera with your significant other, friend or a first time date. What a perfect way to also let family & friends know where you are and what they're missing out on!

Opening night pictures will also be posted to VO's Facebook and Twitter in real-time, so follow along to check out all the beautiful peeps.

So don't be shy, step up to the booth, show them pearly whites and smile pretty (or mug) for the camera.

~ Ling Chan

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