Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kate The Great

We love Kate Aldrich. She was positively incandescent as Adalgisa in our Golden Anniversary season opener of Norma last fall. The audience found themselves enchanted with her, as well as the VO staff.

Wondering how Kate got her start in this crazy business of opera? How about who she admires in the biz? Or what Kate's dream roles are?

Well, there are interviews and THEN there are interviews. Nothing beats listening in (or in this case, reading) an informal chat between 2 people who are good friends. On top of being good friends, Kate Aldrich and Jennifer Rivera are also mezzo-sopranos and next door neighbours. As such, this makes for the best interviewing as some really interesting morsels are revealed.

So check out all the "girl talk" here and see why Kate's star is fast on the rise.

~ Ling Chan

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