Monday, April 26, 2010

Figaro Blogger Night: Final Thoughts

Left to right: Gus Fosarolli, Tris Hussey, Peter Andersen, Kelsey Dundon (with her friend Briony)

A big thank you to all our Figaro bloggers who joined us for Blogger Night at the Opera this past Saturday! It was indeed a magical night filled with much laughter and music. But don't take our word for it...

Yes, Figaro is a comedy, a farce really. And yes the singing is glorious. Oh so glorious. The whole opera is one of those that you just lose yourself in. A lot of that is thanks to the genius of Mozart. - Tris Hussey

The music has been wonderful to hear and all the principals are wonderful to hear. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve been laughing and, for lack of a better word, grooving to the music of Mozart. - Gus Fosarolli

But the Marriage of Figaro is to the opera world what the Nutcracker is to the ballet world: it is accessible, popular, and full of melodies anyone would recognize. Which is why Briony and I are having an absolute blast. - Kelsey Dundon

I was told The Marriage Of Figaro is a great “first opera” and I for one am glad I was initiated by it. It was very enjoyable from start to finish. The story was well written and well accompanied, but the best entertainment came from the performers themselves. All of the players were very skilled vocally, as expected, but they also seemed right at home doing physical comedy. It was a great combination overall, and the 3+ hour length went by surprisingly quickly. - Peter Andersen

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~ Ling Chan

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