Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pop Up Posters

And now for something completely unrelated to The Marriage of Figaro!

Kudos to our Special Events Diva, Caroline Hay, for her eagle eye! While channel surfing the other week, Caroline stopped on a show called, Life Unexpected, on the CW channel. (we're not judging, Caroline)

There before her eyes were our Vancouver Opera Golden Anniversary posters; namely Norma and Nixon in China! The locally filmed tv show had hung up our Edel Rodriguez designed posters on a character's wall.

Here are the screen captures below:

Nixon in China poster on the left, Norma poster on the right

Nixon in China poster

Nothing gets past Caroline! Thanks for the catch!

~ Ling Chan

UPDDATE 5/12: Seems we may have the answer to the mystery of how the posters cropped up on Life Unexpected! A little birdie told me that Shannon Chan-Kent, an understudy for VOIS' Jack Pine and a singer with the UBC/VO Pre-Professional Internship Program, plays one of the characters on the show. Could it be?

Thanks to Kinza and Melissa for the tip!

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