Friday, June 12, 2009

Top 10 Fridays: Opera Fails

To fully enjoy the visceral experience that is opera, there are certain things one must do: research the opera plot so you are familiar with what you're going to see, take the opportunity at the theatre to people watch and if you're in the mood, by all means, make a swanky date night out of it with dinner and cocktails.

Then there are certain things one musn't do.

Your weekly installment of Top 10 Fridays asks what you think is the biggest opera FAIL? Take our poll located on the right sidebar and let us know. And yes, you can choose more than one! (Poll is now closed, results are noted beside the descriptions of what % of people found that annoying)

Latecomers 32%

Rustling of candy wrappers 25%

Jangly Jewellery 10%

Talking during the performance 50%

Stinky smells: perfumes, colognes, cigarettes, body odour 35%

Not using the coat check 7%

Use of cell phones & electronic devices 32%

Mile high hair or non-removal of hats 10%

Coughs, sneezes and sniffles 28%

Leaving before or during curtain call 25%

Long lines for the bathrooms, bars or box office 28%

Falling asleep....and snoring 10%

Check back here next week for the biggest OPERA FAIL. Dunh, dunh, da!

**Thanks for voting in last week's Top 10 poll for Best Dressed Couple! Although everyone looked fantabulous and are winners all around, it came down neck and neck between Funky Elegance (61 votes) and Patterned Girls (62 votes). In the end, you definitely loved your couple with a bit of decoration! Congrats to all!**

~ Ling Chan

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