Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Would We Look As Anime?

If you happen to go to Anime Evolution 2009 this weekend, a 3 day festival celebrating all things anime, you'll find out about our latest surprise that we're launching this fall. (look inside your goody bag!)

Vancouver Opera is a proud sponsor of this year's Anime Evolution, alongside Nintendo, Sakura Media and The Connection Games.

Weekend activities will include panel discussions, workshops with voice actors, artists, animators and game developers, cosplay aka "costume roleplay" contests, 24-hour video rooms, a charity auction, games and much more.

So don on your Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon or Kill Bill's GoGo Yubari of The Crazy 88 Gang school girl outfits, this yearly festival will make you feel like you've walked into the pages of a manga or a video game.

For more info, check out Anime Evolution.

~ Ling Chan

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