Friday, June 5, 2009

Top 10 Fridays: Best Dressed Couples

One of the best things about coming to the opera (besides the wonderful and exciting productions on-stage) is to check out what the lovely folks of Vancouver are wearing to the opera.

While there is no official "dress code", it's always a delight when young couples go all out and dandy themselves up. Many treat going out to see an opera as a full-on date night: dressing up, cocktails & dinner followed by opera at the theatre.

And that is what we LOVE to see.

While there were oh-so-many to choose from this past season with our Carmen, Rigoletto and Salome productions, here are our picks for 10 Best Dressed Couples. We invite you to take our poll located on the right sidebar and tell us your pick for #1 Best Dressed Couple. Check back here next week for the results!

The Sophisticates

Tangerine & Lime

Pinstripes & Shine

Splash of Colour

Bejewelled Ladies

Girls with Curls

Funky Elegance

Elegant & Ruffled

Patterned Girls

Feathers & Shine

Catching one of our operas is your front row ticket to a fashion show! It's the ultimate in people-watching.

We can't wait to see what our PYTs come up with for next season!

Check out all our fashion photos on our Flickr stream today!

**Thanks for voting in last week's first Top 10 poll! Boy, was it ever so close! By a difference of one vote, your pick for #1 Modern Opera House was Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts in Valencia, Spain!**

~ Ling Chan

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