Tuesday, November 16, 2010

VO used QR codes to promote Lillian, It is amazing!!!! *Was it a special Marketing campaign? *Why did you decided to use QR code?* Did the company mea

Thanks for the question!

We'll be using QR codes for all our operas this season. Prior to the show, we'll have one QR code that followers can scan to get a behind-the-scenes look at the production. This code can be found on our outdoor posters and bus shelter posters.

Down at the theatre, you can find 4 QR codes on a poster in the lobby, with each QR code featuring something different. These 4 QR codes can also be found in our house program, so you can scan them at home and after the performance ends.

With smartphones on the rise, we thought implementing QR codes might be a fun way to enhance our patron's experiences of the opera.

The Lillian Alling opera was the first time we've used QR codes, but the feedback we received have been very positive. As QR codes are fairly new to North Americans, we're looking forward to seeing QR codes really take off. (I see more and more retailers making use of QR codes)

We hope to be highlighting different QR code exclusives with every opera. Stay tuned!

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