Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lucia di Lammermoor: Cast Interviews

Video by Bombshelter Productions & Mike McKinley

The story of Lucia is about a young girl who is very romantic and in love with the wrong person, someone who is feuding with her family. Through various machinations, she descends into madness and the whole thing ends in a very romantic and tragic way. - Amiel Gladstone

It's a story that anybody would relate to because everybody remembers probably what it was like to be 16 and in love. - Gregory Dahl

This piece is unique in that you can't always see the direction that the music's going in. Sure, there's choruses, there's cavatinas, there's cabalettas but there's not always an order to the madness, which is different than some of the other operas that Donizetti's composed. - Michael Fabiano

It's one of the beautiful Italian operas, so you'll get all the spectacles in terms of the beautiful sets, the lighting and full chorus. Also, the cast that's been assembled is just some of the world-class talents so that the singing, matched with Donizetti's music, is stunning. - Amiel Gladstone

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