Monday, November 29, 2010

Shadow Of The Ninja

Our Opera Ninja army is growing!

A stealthy welcome to the newest addition to our clan: Opera Ninja Tris Hussey. Like a ghostly apparition at midnight, one can never sure if they've seen our newest shadow. Ninjas are known to possess invisibility and shape-shifting abilities, you know.

It'll be one clan watching two others on Thursday, December 2. Join Opera Ninja Tris as he reports on all the intrigues between the Ashtons and the Ravenwoods at the Lucia di Lammermoor dress rehearsal.

Whether employing tactics such as Tanuki-gakure (camouflaging oneself up in the trees) or Ukigusa-gakure (camouflaging oneself under water with duckweed), Opera Ninja Tris will get you closer to all the action.

Follow along Thursday night's dress rehearsal at our Twitter: @Operaninja or along the right side-bar of this blog.

The action begins at 7pm.

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~ Ling Chan

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