Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nixon Sightings!

Today marks the first day of a series of Nixon appearances on Vancouver streets!

During the lunch hour, Richard Nixon was found checking out one of Vancouver's most eye-catching monuments, the Vancouver Public Library. Causing quite the stir, many people did double-takes, while others stopped and greeted Nixon with "It's Tricky Dick!" One person even came up to Nixon to let him know that he was glad that the authorities still haven't caught up with him since Point Break.

Seeing Nixon on the streets means you can be entered to win a Nixon in China Grand Prize consisting of 2 tickets to the Nixon in China opera and dinner at Chambar Restaurant, as well as a bunch of swag.

When you see Nixon on the streets in the next few days, come up and give him the secret phrase, "News has a kind of mystery." Nixon will then respond with another secret phrase you then tweet back to VO's twitter or emailed to VO's Facebook. Then we'll enter you in the draw to win the perfect evening out!

We promise Nixon's 2 handlers will be gentle.

Here's some pictures of Nixon's first day in Vancouver:

Hanging with the everyday people

Playing tourist

Keeping up with current affairs

Singing along to karaoke TV

Nixon's bull

Being the good samaritan

Puppy love

See you at the opera!

For more pictures, click here.

~ Ling Chan

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