Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nixon In The City

Ever wonder what the schedule of a busy man like Richard Nixon looks like?

With only days to go before the Canadian premiere of Nixon in China, he continues to take Vancouver by storm! Word must be getting out about his public appearances because there were nothing but victory signs and shouts of "It's Tricky Dick!" as Nixon made his rounds.

Here's how Nixon's day went:

Reading the morning paper

Hanging out at Robson Square post-Olympics style. Too bad the zipline wasn't open. I would've been down with that.

Window shopping, taking in some art, checking out the library

Remembering to stop and smell the roses

I'm a little bit country, you're a little bit rock n' roll

Checking out HMV and what do I find? My movie and CD!

And my poster!

An unexpected surprise! Someone at HMV had recommended me! Note to secretary: hire Will at once.

Wrap up meeting with General Director of Vancouver Opera, James W. Wright

Nixon will make an appearance at the Vancouver Opera offices tomorrow to draw the winner of the 'Where's Nixon?' contest. Make sure you've entered by 1:00pm Wednesday for your chance to win 2 tickets to Nixon in China and $150 gift certificate to Chambar Restaurant.

For more pictures of Nixon in the city, click here.

~ Ling Chan

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