Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hail To The Chief

More Nixon sightings!

Yesterday afternoon Richard Nixon was spotted at CBC Studios. Par for the course, as soon as Nixon arrived, he was eagerly whisked away for an interview with a CBC reporter.

But it was not too long before Nixon got back to doing what he loved best and that was to get out there with the people. Always the outgoing guy, he waved and flashed double-fisted victory signs to everyone walking on the street or driving in their cars. He continues to cause quite the stir!

Nixon shook the hands of several Vancouverites who sidled up to him and said those magic words, "News Has a Kind of Mystery."

In return, these Nixon fans were given buttons, posters, flash drives, t-shirts and more importantly, the reply secret code phrase that they can then tweet or email back to VO headquarters. Everyone is then entered into a grand prize draw for 2 tickets to Nixon in China plus $150 gift certificate to Chambar Restaurant.

Here's some pictures of Nixon on Day 2 of his jam-packed campaign trail:

The calm before the storm

Kudos to my fabulous hosts

All work and no play make Dick a dull boy

Getting some Vancouver love

All that schmoozing is making me thirsty

Safety first, people

'Wish You Were Here' postcards for the peeps back home

The best seat in the house. Come join me!

For more pictures of Nixon's shenanigan's, click here.

~ Ling Chan

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