Friday, December 10, 2010

The Sextet From Lucy

Oh, those 3 stoogies and their madcap antics. In their short film, Micro-Phonies (1945), Moe, Curly and Larry encounter a pretty aspiring opera singer while working at a radio station. Curly later gets mistaken for the soprano by a talent scout as the trio were messing about in a recording studio.

To keep up with the charade, a cross-dressing Curly aka SeƱorita Cucaracha has to sing or should I say, lip synch at a posh dinner party. And the record The 3 Stooges choose to lip synch to? None other than the Lucia di Lammermoor sextet, "Chi mi frena in tal momento" or as they call it "Sextet from Lucy."

Fast forward to 2:10 for the hilarity.

To hear the non-Stooges version, press play:

Or even better, hear it sung live by Eglise GutiƩrrez, Michael Fabiano, Gregory Dahl, Thomas Macleay, Burak Bilgili and Dionne Sellinger at the final performance of Lucia di Lammermoor tomorrow night.

~ Ling Chan

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