Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vancouver Opera and the Furry Faces

Why is Vancouver Opera taking part of the BCSCPCA's Paws for a Cause walk on Sunday, September 13?

Because we love our animals, that's why. And, it's a great cause to support!

This year, BCSPCA has set a goal to raise $950,000 to help companion, farm and wild animals.

Every dollar donated for the Paws for a Cause walk will help in the following:

$80 feeds a litter of puppies for eight weeks;
$100 feeds a litter of abandoned kittens for one month;
$75 neuters one cat;
$84 feeds and cares for a cat for one week;
$100 neuters one dog;
$105 feeds and cares for a dog for one week;
$110 spays one cat;
$120 covers emergency response for animal rescue for one night;
$150 spays one dog;
$200 pays for emergency and first aid equipment for our constables;
$250 pays for one dental exam;
$1,000 provides 20 beds for dogs;
$10,000 pays for the investigation and prosecution of one animal cruelty case.

For more facts on how your dollar will help animals in your local community, click here.

Vancouver Opera would love to invite anyone who's interested in participating to join us! Be a part of our team! You can either make a donation or come out with us on the walk September 13. Email us if you'd like to join in the fun at

To sponsor Vancouver Opera, click here to go to our fundraising page. Online donations are secure and you'll receive an instant electronic tax receipt.

We're super excited and look forward to the walk with our two and four-legged friends!

And yes, expect more cute animal pictures!

~ Ling Chan

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