Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 10 Fridays: Hughes the Man!

Anyone who grew up in the 80s knew who John Hughes was. The director's name was as recognizable as the stars he cast in his movies.

Unfortunately, John Hughes passed away on August 6 in New York from a heart attack.

So in honour of the man who brought us THE best teenage-angst filled movies, we dedicate today's Friday Top 10 poll to all the Hughes fans out there and ask: What John Hughes movie would you like to see turned into an opera?

Cast your vote on the right sidebar and we'll post the results next week!

Uncle Buck
Why? Because we ALL have a family member like Uncle Buck. (11% of votes)

Sixteen Candles
Why? Sometimes birthday wishes do come true. (17% of votes)

She’s Having a Baby
Why? I personally would LOVE to hear an operatic version of Kate Bush's This Woman's Work. (zero votes)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Why? Girls loved him. Boys wanted to be him. (41% of votes - tied for first place)

Weird Science
Why? Isn't it every boy's fantasy to build himself the perfect woman? (5% of votes)

The Breakfast Club
Why? Because no matter which clique you belong to, we all share the same problems. So which breakfast clubber were YOU? (29% of votes)

Pretty In Pink
Why? The classic from the wrong side of the tracks love story. Blaine may have had the car, but Duckie had the style. (41% of votes - tied for first place)

Some Kind of Wonderful
Why? Another triangle. Tomboy is in love with the sensitive artiste who is in love with the girly girl. (5% of votes)

Home Alone
Why? Cheek pinchable 8 year old takes on dim-witted home invaders. Bumbles and fumbles ensue. (11% of votes)

National Lampoon's Vacation
Why? Because nobody does vacations better than the Griswalds. And Christmas for that matter. (zero votes)

Wow, there is some great opera buffa material in here.

So vote for your favourite(s)! And if your choice is not on this list, leave it in our comments page.

~ Ling Chan

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