Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Operamania 101: Flying the Friendly Skies

Think this graph sums up your knowledge of opera?

Well then, class is now in session.

Actually, you, me and everyone we know knows more about opera than we may originally thought. If you've grown up watching cartoons, movies, commercials or are a pop culture addict, you've been exposed to opera and may not even realized it.

So to prep you for a BIG surprise we have planned for next season, we'll ease you into some (P)OPera Culture 101 and turn you from an Operaphobe into an Operaphile.

In 1989 British Airways became "The World's Favourite Airline" with their Saatchi & Saatchi produced commercial, featuring "Aria", based on "Flower Duet" from French opera Lakmé by Léo Delibes. What was doubly cool was this re-worked version was produced by Malcolm McClaren of the Sex Pistols fame and Yanni. Yes, Yanni, who picked up the Grammy that year for this cover version.

Course Yanni would not have won ANY Grammy had there not been the original song.

Crank it to 11.

~ Ling Chan

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