Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bloggers Take A Bow!

And now...a word from our bloggers:

"I’ve come to realize that with opera, there really isn’t a dull moment." - Miss 604

"Salome is one f***ed up girl, and I can’t wait to see the VO’s take on it." - Kimli

"My favourite part of the tour was the severed head…" - Netchick

"And don’t forget the blood sponge! Gotta love an opera with gore." - Tris Hussey

"The previous experiences I have had at the Vancouver Opera have been always fantastic and I expect this one to be the same." - Hummingbird 604

We would like to thank all our bloggers for making our Blogger Nights at the Opera this past season such a success! It was wonderful getting to know you! You guys rock!

Blogger night at Salome

Blogger night at Rigoletto

Blogger night at Carmen

See you next season at the theatre!

~ Ling Chan

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