Monday, December 14, 2009

X-mas Bowl-O-Rama

So who ARE the people behind Vancouver Opera?

You've most likely seen us down at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre during our productions, either zipping around the lobby helping theatre-goers, entertaining donors in the ORT lounge or keeping things running smoothly backstage.

You may have even come across some of us plugging away at the office.

That's all fine and good but have you seen us completely casual?

Dressed in our street clothes?


On Thursday, the staff hung up our evening wear (and office wear) and hit up the infamous Commodore Lanes for a little 5 pin bowling madness. We pretty much commandeered the place, taking up 8 out of the 12 bowling lanes and ordering enough pizzas to stack a mile high.

From bowling novice to darn good bowler (the highest score bowled was 180), everyone enjoyed chucking the balls down the lanes. In rented shoes and everything.

There was lots of laughing (at ourselves and at each others),loads of chowing down on pizza and I'm sure some stiff bowling arms and sore backs the next day. (hey, bowling those balls for 3 hours is no light feat)

All in all, a rollickin' staff Christmas party.

Thanks to the Social Commmittee for setting up Bowl-O-Rama 2009.

Because nobody parties like opera people party.

~ Ling Chan

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