Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shadow Of The Ninja: The Return

We are breaking protocol! In the past, we've employed one Opera Ninja to take on our dress rehearsals, but tomorrow night, we will welcome two!

Tris Hussey aka "The Shadow" will once again go undercover, reporting from the dark recesses of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre during La Clemenza di Tito. But he won't be alone!

Who could it possibly be? A newbie ninja-in-training? Or perhaps his daimyo? Or maybe The Shadow is forming an alliance with another "behind-the-scenes" warrior?

I mean, we are talking about La Clemenza di Tito here. An opera where the daughter of a deposed Emperor wants the current ruler, Tito, assassinated because he does not return her love. Who does she get to do the dirty work? A man who's helplessly in love with her and who just happens to be Tito's close friend. Things are gonna get serious!

It's no wonder we'll have 2 Opera Ninjas.

Follow Thursday night's dress rehearsal at our Twitter: @Operaninja or along the right side-bar of this blog.

The action begins at 7pm!

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~ Ling Chan

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