Thursday, January 20, 2011

Death By Opera: The Answers

Death by opera! For those of you who took our Tuesday Trivia quiz, here are the answers to how the following composers met their untimely end.

1. Robert Schumann - Died from mercury poisoning as a complication of syphilis treatment

2. Jean-Baptiste Lully - Died when he smashed his foot with a pole while keeping rhythm and it got infected.

3. Charles-Valentin Alkan - Died when a bookcase fell on him

4. Alban Berg - Died from complications from an insect bite

5. Peter Tchaikovsky - Died from cholera after drinking unboiled water.

6. Henry Purcell - Died after getting sick in the cold after being locked out by his wife

7. Maurice Ravel - Died from complications after being whacked in the head while in a taxi

8. Ernest Chausson - Died by riding his bicycle into a wall

Thanks for taking our quiz! Oh, and a gentle reminder to please be careful out there.

~ Ling Chan

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