Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Nightfire Tonight!

Tonight is the night!

Rival Schools' Project Nightfire will be projected onto the Georgia Street exterior facade of the Vancouver Art Gallery, starting at 9pm.

Roy Husada and the Rival Schools team has worked for months on Project Nightfire. They created the project completely from the ground up: design, implementation, lighting, and animation.

Setting up for Project Nightfire

A miniature cardboard model of the VAG was constructed for lighting tests

Project Nightfire will be a first of it's kind in North America. Expect light and shadow to change the form of the VAG; walls will appear to fall away, columns will distort and surfaces will displace. If you've seen videos of the Samsung 3D art installation in Amsterdam, you'll no doubt agree, this will wow the crowds.

Nightfire - Sept 6 Test at the Vancouver Art Gallery from Rival Schools on Vimeo.

Project Nightfire will be projected tonight and tomorrow, starting at 9pm. Over one hour on each night, the animation will play every 10 minutes to the music Nessun Dorma from Giacomo Puccini's Turandot. A single animated sequence will last approximately 5 minutes and will be played about 6 times per night.

So come down tonight and tomorrow to see Rival Schools inspire people across the country to experiment with digital storytelling and explore new forms of narrative art. Vancouver Opera is pleased to support this event with logistical assistance.

See you there!

Photos & video credits: Rival Schools

~ Ling Chan

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