Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Any Questions?

Have a question you'd like to ask Vancouver Opera? Well, you're in luck!

Presenting the Vancouver Opera blog, now with the super-shiny Formspring feature.

With this feature, you can ask absolutely anyone in the company for the answer to the questions burning in your mind. For example:

* Why did we decide to produce THAT particular opera?
* What is our audition process for singers, chorus and supernumeraries?
* Do staff get to go on the road with the traveling VOIS program?
* How do we choose next season's artwork?
* Who decides the themes of our special events?
* Any big "uh-oh" moments before the curtain went up?
* Do we get to zip around in the lottery car before we give it away?
* Are we a crunchy or a smooth peanut butter type group?

All questions welcome!

Your questions will be directed to the appropriate staff members, who are all waiting in earnest to hear from you.

Just click on the Ask VO tab, just below the blog header, and ask away!

~ Ling Chan

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