Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Opera Pic-Nic'ing

Last week, the office closed up shop in the afternoon and we all headed out to Locarno Beach for a staff picnic. Ah, the joys of summertime!

Food stations were set up, drinks were chilling in coolers and BBQs were fired up at our reserved picnic site. Staff, board, and artists mingled and ate up a storm. Games were played, bubbles were blown, faces were painted and watermelons were smashed 'suikawari' style (a Japanese beach tradition). Nobody parties like opera people party!

What was an added bonus was that the Celebration of Light fireworks were also taking place that very evening and we had already carved out our places.

Props to Adrianne, Charran, Nagisa, Jennifer & Melissa for all the party planning!

Photo contributors: Ling Chan, Moh Faris & Nagisa Inoue

~ Ling Chan

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