Friday, June 4, 2010

The Draw Of Opera

So not only are opera fans and bloggers liking our operas, but now illustrators are digging on what we do.

On the night of dress rehearsal, artist Paul Zeke was invited to sketch the Madama Butterfly performance. Paul was set up just off the side of the stage with his easel, pencil crayons and charcoals, sketching by the light in the orchestra pit. He was quite the draw that night!

Here's a couple of sketches from his blog:

Portrait of James Valenti

Portrait of Maestro Darlington

At Thursday's performance, artist Val Nelson did one better. Val, seated with her husband Michael Cox (who created the awesome schematic of the story of Figaro), drew in the dark of the theatre, what was playing out onstage. She was so low-profile that people seated around her did not even notice.

Here are Val's sketches:

Act I

Act II

Can we just say WOW to theses 2 illustrators? Colour us impressed at yet another way to be inspired by opera.

Thank you Paul and Val for sharing!

~ Ling Chan

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