Monday, November 30, 2009

To love thy enemy

Photo by Tim Matheson

Norma may be a bit park and bark-ish, what with the uber-dramatic hand raising with fingers splayed and the Gloria Swanson bulging eyes from Sunset Boulevard, but that's because it's ALL about the singing.

photo by tim matheson

I think we got a hit, kids.

"Here we find the operatic archetypes: a stout tenor of formidable volume; the diva...who has long owned the title role; the young mezzo-soprano on the rise." - The Globe and Mail

"Norma is all about a trio of principals— soprano Hasmik Papian, in the title role, mezzo Kate Aldrich as her rival Adalgisa, and tenor Richard Margison as the object of both their affections." - Vancouver Sun

"People think Celine D. puts lots of extra and difficult notes into the song line! Ha! They should listen to Bellini. Lots of technical work here—for the females especially. Always in Bel Canto." - The Vancouver Observer

"The backdrop was transformed via projected images a number of times during the performance, and by the end of the opera became a decimated forest, and, ultimately, a funeral pyre." - Review Vancouver

"Not only does it look great, it sounds great, thanks to some masterly acoustical redesign. The sound blooms with presence. I couldn’t believe my ears." - Georgia Straight

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