Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Word From Our Fearless Leader

A round of applause for the big boss, James Wright, for a fabulous interview in this season's Monte Cristo magazine.

In the interview, our fearless leader speaks about the importance of working only with the highest calibre people to put forth something good that the Vancouver opera community would be excited to support. He also emphasizes the need to balance out popular classic opera with a modern (meaning post WWII) work, thus keeping opera reinvigorated.

And always forward thinking, Jim also embraces social media tools in helping to introduce the younger demographic to the art form of opera.

What a boss, what a guy!

To read more of the interview, click below. Or you can purchase your very own copy of Monte Cristo magazine in any Chapters bookstore. Bring a copy of it with you to the theatre, and James Wright may even autograph it!

~ Ling Chan

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