Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Operamania 101: Life in Technicolour

Summer is over. And although it isn't officially autumn yet, it sure feels like it, with the overcast skies and the drizzly rain outside.

Colour. I need me an infusion of techni-colour!

Filmed in Glasgow, Scotland, Sony Bravia used the overture from the opera, La gazza ladra (the thieving magpie) for its 2006 high definition LCD "Colour Like No Other" tv campaigns.

In the commercial, 70,000 liters of paint explode like fireworks all around a drab and dreary grey building. The pyrotechnic displays were perfectly synchronized with the instantly recognizable overture by 19th century composer Gioacchino Rossini.

The commercial ends when the building and surrounding wasteland is completely bathed in brilliant splashes of all the colours of the rainbow.

As grey skies signal the end of summer and a chill threatens BC arts groups, I'd like to think this Sony commercial serves as a reminder that the arts are like the splashes of colour in our daily lives. Without arts and culture, our worlds would just be empty and dull.

So don on that rain slicker and them boots. Crank up the Rossini. We need to splash around in the magic of bright colours.

~ Ling Chan

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